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Why is Skincare So Important for a Woman?

Struggle with hyperpigmentation, and what is the best way to remove dark spots?

If you’re talking about superficial hyperpigmentation, then a photofacial (IPL) can help—or try lightening products, like those from the Rhonda Allison brand. Lightening products take a long time to work, but you can support the results by getting a series of facials specifically for pigmentation. You have to have realistic expectations as well. If it’s postinflammatory (temporary) hyperpigmentation, then Somme Treatment Pads are amazing. They not only help even out your skin tone and slow premature aging but also minimize oil production to balance your skin. This, in turn, means fewer breakouts and cystic pimples, which are often the cause of hyperpigmentation. And wear sunscreen every day. Period. Hyperpigmentation, where the melanocytes (melanin-producing cells) have been damaged, is harder to treat. Even a dermatologist will tell you that you may be able to lighten the skin slightly, but ultimately you are evening out the superficial pigmentation surrounding the damaged area. The best defense is staying out of direct sunlight and using sunscreen. Invest in a good hat and sunglasses.

What is the best way to prevent acne and breakouts?

First and foremost, stop touching your face. Once you wash your face in the a.m. and apply your skincare and makeup, that’s it until bedtime. When you feel your face, you bring bacteria to the surface; it can quickly spread, causing breakouts that could have been avoided. It may take three months to train yourself, but you’ll see a 30 to 40 percent reduction in breakouts, with clearer, healthier skin. Another tip is to use skin care and makeup that will not cause breakouts. You may have to try a few brands to see what works for you, but it’s worth the effort for clear skin. How do we keep blackheads from coming back once they’re removed? Depending on your genetics, age, stress, diet, makeup, skincare and lifestyle habits, blackheads are bound to go back. Once you figure out how to balance all those, you can then normalize your sebum production, which will reduce the number of blackheads that form.

What are some of the new skincare trends?

Quinoa is a hot new ingredient. You will find it in Zue Beauty and Aypa Spa products. Ingestible are also still going strong, as in the Dope Naturally and Amina Mundi lines. Overnight skin rituals, such as from Moonlit Skincare, are trending right now, as are nongendered makeup brands, like Elysian Cosmetics. Another trend is clean sexual-health products; Good Clean Love has launched nongendered fragrances that change with a person’s pH; they smell different on everyone and, when combined, create a second personalized scent. Last, but not least, is climate-driven skin-care. Skin type and concern typically categorize products, but Pour Moi goes in a different direction and asks, “Where do you live?” “What kind of climate are you exposed to?” It’s very forward thinking

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