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Luxury Bath & Body

1. Bath Bombs

What generates the bubbles in a bath bomb?

When disintegrated in the water there is a reaction between the acid produce Citric Acid and the alkaline produce Sodium Bicarbonate. The effect is a salt called Sodium Citrate. In the sequence of the reaction, Carbon Dioxide is released. This makes the bubbles you see, much like carbonated soda water.

Do you need to take a shower next a bath bomb?

Consider washing off in the shower. You do not need to rinse off after applying a bath bomb, but if you used a colored bath bomb or an item with glitter in it, you might consider doing so. Just drain the bathtub, then take a shower and rinse the oils and moisture off your skin.

How long do you let a bath bomb in the tub?

Slow release means the bomb won’t quickly melt in the bath right away. Most of the bath bombs need about 5-9 minutes in hot water to thoroughly dissolve enabling you to feel the carbonation while in the tub.

2. Bath and Spa Lotion and Lather Box

How It Works Lather & Lotion Gift Box

Is a subscription that provides you a new fun box of cruelty-free bath and skin care goods carefully hand created and curated from big brands tailored to a particularly fun stuff every month.

What is in the box?

Salts, soaks, scrubs, candles, chocolates, Bath Bombs, soap, gourmet teas and extra along with spa products and gadgets needed for the full most pampering bath.

3. What is Bathmathical

What is Bathmatical?

Our subscription service gives artisan bath and body goods to your door. Every month, Bathmatical subscribers will get a hand-picked combination of 5 products changing from handmade soaps, bath salts, scrubs, fizzies, bath teas, body butters, essential oils,  aromatherapy, and other uncommon products to make your bath extra pleasant.

4. Bath Butler

Feel a taste of Relaxing Spa in your private own house with one of the hydrotherapy bathtubs. Let our Bath Butler fix everything for you and then drop you to relax, experiencing the comforting waters.

All bath therapies combine exfoliating lotion, bath/body oil, Me Bath Ice Cream bubbly bathtub soak and a scented candle.

Taste of Romance

Soak up the glamour with this luxuriant champagne and rose fragrance. Reconnect as you caress each other's body with our rose exfoliating scrub and expensive oil for a delightful adventure.

Sense of Tranquility

Rest and soothe your soul with the lavender fragrance and drift off into an atmosphere of your own. Lavender owns the power to calm, relax and help boost peaceful nap. Let your thoughts take yourself away.

Impact of Healing

Pamper with the green tea aroma, rich in antioxidants. A significant advantage for the mind, skin, and body.

Touch of Tropical

The delightful aroma of mango will open your senses on a relaxing trip to a tropical island, no sun and sand needed.

5. Deluxe Bath Spa Gift by Rachelle Parker

Are you tired of spending overwhelmingly ridiculous prices for an hour spa pack, whose impacts only least a few days?

The Deluxe Bath Spa Gift Set by Rachelle Parker is the complete at-home spa therapy solution, at an affordable cost!

The bath and body products are 100% all-natural and are built from the most excellent quality elements containing no toxic chemicals and are Paraben free!

Each spa gift set is prepared with high-quality ingredients, and herbal components help improve the overall health of your skin! Just using the spa treatments may result in visibly firm, softer, and smoother skin!

6. Pure! Herbal Collection Spa Basket

100% ALL-NATURAL: Our stunning bath spa gift set is 100% all-natural with Herbal Green Tea Benefits! Just the leading natural ingredients are applied in Rachelle Parker bath and body products, which include no toxic chemicals and are Paraben free!

6-PIECE BATH GIFT SET: All bath gift set arrives with six (6) delightful spa treatments, which include: Body Scrub, Bubble Bath, Bath Salt, Shower Gel Sisal Sponge! A complete spa therapy without the overwhelming value, all in the comfort of your home!

PARKER’S VISION: Nourish. Indulge & Seduce with the natural advantages of Herbal Green Tea, food for body & spirit – The latest pampering spa set! 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

No requirement for gift wrap! Gift Basket is elegantly displayed & wrapped with ribbon & hang tag.

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