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How to Apply Contour for Beginners [Best Contouring Makeup Tips]

how to apply contour

To make the contour in the face and more if you are a beginner it is important that you follow some recommendations that help you to make it easier, without complicating your life the application of contours has the purpose of giving depth to the face, to thin the features of your face.

We achieve this effect by placing a matte bronzer on the most common areas of our face that require depth, such as under the cheekbone where the cleft is located, we place product and blurring in both places of the face, then in the area of ​​one hundred from a distance of the eyebrow, in the lower part of the chin to thin the face and nose, with a small brush we contoured from the beginning of the eyebrow, we went through the line of the nose to the tip.

It is important to emphasize that each of these areas of the faces, are the most common to outline, the amount of product is very little since we are going to disguise and give depth to that area, so that our face looks thinner, stylized, small or bulky in the lower area of ​​the lips, the tone for the outline should be two dark tone of your natural color.

Neither more nor less so as not to exaggerate in the makeup, what is sought is to sculpt, define and improve the easy features that look as natural and fresh as possible.

How to apply powder to contour

Make a makeup, with a matte outline is ideal for those who have oily skin or make them easier to apply, the outline is applied in the area that we seek to deepen and mark our trait, such as the lower area of ​​the cheekbones in We thin the face.

The application is very simple we just have to make it under our chin, in the one hundred just a little, in the cleft of the cheekbones, we enhance the face. Each of these areas are the basic areas to make up as professionals, we just need to know some tricks, to do an excellent job.

It is important to emphasize that the make-up type, we can use the brand of your preference, as long as you perform your function, in addition to its duration, choose a good quality outline. Where the effect is lasting, whenever we apply a matte contour, we blur the area, so that it is seen naturally and evenly on the face avoiding heaviness in it.

It is also important to choose two shades greater than the natural, as it will give a better finish marking our natural features, when we perform this kind of makeup allows us to play with the shadows and lighting of our face, playing a little which areas we want with volume and other hide, after all that’s what makeup is about; as long as we do it with tones that favor us and improving the natural traits.

How to apply contoured blush and bronzer

The outline and the tan are different even if it looks like, the techniques and tone applied are different. The important thing that we must take into account is how is the care of our skin, like the type of faces that we have that will not help to have a better result; for the contour which we sculpt and mark the features of the face.

We apply the outline in the lower area of ​​the cheekbones, then in the double chin, in the one hundred of the forehead; Each one of those areas will be sculpted with the contour and at the moment of applying the product it should be blurred, the product well, so that it is not overloaded or heavy, rather the opposite, sculpted and smooth.

For the application of tanning, we apply warm tones and something that matters is that our skin looks tanned and we must apply the bronzer in the areas where we do not normally tan, that is to say on the forehead, cheekbones and nasal septum, when placing the bronzer we highlight with delicate strokes and then we blur, so that it has a better effect on the face.

The difference between the contour and the tan; is that the outline is to simulate the shadows while the tan is to give that effect as if we will just take the sun, with warm but subtle tones that do not emphasize that it is makeup, that is to see as real and natural as possible.

How to apply the contour bar

The contour in bar is recommended to be used for those, with a dry or mixed skin is still indifferent because in the end, we use the makeup that we feel comfortable or better quality.

For the application of the bar outline, it is important to have our face clean, we put our base and ready to make up, we apply it in the lower area of ​​the chin, from the beginning of the eye passing through the septum to the tip of the nose, you have the other end of the left eye, this will make the nose It looks more neat and small, on the forehead by the hundred, we put product after applying in product with soft strokes, we blend gently, gently and with a lot of patience. At the end of blending we continue with the rest of the makeup, powder, lips, mascara, shadows, blush and eyeliner.

When making the outline, the face changes, it looks more sculpted and we can see all that trait that we seek to highlight by means of the blur, highlighting lips, eyes and all our features, better and better in focus in the areas that we like. that they see That is why we emphasize those areas and hide those that we do not want to show in public.

How to apply the contour on the face

For the application of the contour on the face it is important to know what type of face we are going to outline, since we all have different shapes and we seek to contour different areas, as for example; the contours a round face to an elongated one, the round one looks for to extend its face, on the other hand the long face looks for to shrink the face. That is why by contouring the faces correctly, neatly and respecting the recommendations.

Although the outline is to create shadows and sculpt the face to be seen in a neat and clean. The outline, plus the lighting, and the rest of the makeup enhances our natural features, which were hidden with some imperfections or spots.

But with the right makeup application and the right way we can get incredible results that will not last all day. It is essential to know the right moments to apply a make-up either during the day or for a night out, avoid excess makeup or very heavy or marked tones.

By taking into account each of these points, we can begin to realize our contour, it does not matter if we are wrong, we are learning from it, we learn to be more skillful, with practice and informing ourselves, about what techniques I can use or that I makes it easier to perform, either a cream or powder outline.

How to apply the contour palette

The palette of contours is composed of warm and cold colors, which are applied depending on the occasion or what makeup classes you want to make. Its application is the same, have our skin clean, hydrated and then apply base, then the outline of two shades greater than the natural, since that tone will give you depth and for a contour palette has approximately 12 different shades from there you can choose what hue apply, that does not leave your natural tone.

If application is in the same way, you can apply it in the lower part of the cheekbone, in the upper part of the one hundred and in the lower part of the mint to enhance your lips. As well as the lower part of the chin. These contours have warm and cool tones where you can play with them in a way you want.

Its application is simple, with a slight stroke which you can blur on your face, with a brush on both cheekbones, so that it looks in harmony with the rest of the makeup. The contours give us greater depth to our face and give us men in the areas that we seek to lose weight, reduce and lengthen, as to increase their size visually.

Each of these details is changed and improved visually. If we are patient when applying and blending we will have wonderful results. Where we will have a fresh makeup and as natural as possible. Therefore, the importance of its application, each of these processes are basic when placed, such as having good implements and quality products to have greater coverage and a better finish.

How to apply contoured blush

To apply a contoured blush is the same as the contour, only that it has a softer hue, such as strong and pale pink tones. Since this kind of contours is for those women with a lighter and paler skin tone and require cold tones. That is why the use of a contour range with pink tones, are ideal for your skin time and highlight your facial features and areas that seek to frame.

The areas of application remain the same, upper part of the one hundred, below the cheekbones to frame and in the lower area of ​​the jaw in the easy oval to give depth; we will do this with the strongest tone of the palette of pink tones.

We must take into account and it is very important what type of face we have or who we are going to make up. Because each face is different either, the oval, round, square inverted diamond shape and vice versa each of these faces seeks to disguise a certain aspect of their faces, not the same contours a round face looking for a long-winded effect that seeks the opposite, be more reduced.

They are important data when making makeup and choosing the right tones for our skin and blending concretely without dragging the product. We will have a good result where our face will look fresh and tidy.

How to apply the cream to contour

The contours in cream are ideal for those who have a dry skin and want a fresh makeup, without so much product where with little product, enhance and see every detail of the features that we are outlined.

Its application is very simple, we should only apply in the areas, where we will create the shadows with a soft stroke we will do it, in the upper zone of the hundred, below the chin in the oval of the chin, in the lower area of ​​the cheekbone Where is a slit we make the stroke, after placing the contour in the areas we want to shade, we begin to blend gently until we have a complete and uniform application and no trace of the contour cream that is one of your skin is visible.

Thus we achieve a neat and professional application to our face where we frame and shade those areas that we seek to lose weight, frame and shrink.

How to apply the contour base

The application of the base cream contours, is like any other only that this is in liquid form, where we apply in the areas that seek depth, that is why we must identify what type of face we have to have a result, clean and neat contour.

Because we play with the lights and the shading and that effect is what we look for when we outline a shading in the areas that we seek to stylize, shrink, and lose weight in our face. We must apply the contour in our hundred, low area of ​​the cheekbone, to have depth in them and the nose, if it is something bulky.

With the makeup we can disguise and change the colors, blurring, but very visual thermals that help to change and highlight the natural beauty of those who use it. The contour is a shadow technique where it helps to thin the face or make it smaller which improves the way we see our face in a more stylized and organic way when applying the product.

That meets the requirements, two tones superior to the natural and that has a good coverage. At the moment of blurring in the face. Applying it in the area that we will shadow and help highlight the areas that we seek to highlight.