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TOP 10 Accessories For Hair In 2018

Jewelry is something very relevant; any look is not complete without decorations, even you wear the most beautiful clothes, will look flat and straightforward. So, designers bring us new hair decorations, where they will take place in the new season of 2018, making most of the girls wear at least one embellishment on their hair. From waves to soft curls and low tails to braids. All hairstyles for the new season 2018 must be combined, to strengthen little hair decorations.

  • Diadems with beads
    In 2017, tiaras are very popular, regardless of their shape, thickness, color designs. In 2018, this trend is maintained, but the most important thing is you enjoy wearing them. The hair accessories will not only highlight your hair also will help you design a Greek-style hairstyle. The classic Dolce & Gabbana tiaras will be very relevant.
  1. Braided Diadems

Today, designers prefer classic styles, and by 2018, they are inspired by the style of the 80’s and its black sunglasses, large sunglasses and, of course, cloth Diadems. Besides, these tiaras are perfect for any type of style, whether elegant or simple. Stylists recommend us to pay attention to bright ideas that include a diversity of colors.


3 Modern veils

The designers were inspired by a mysterious fashion, to be able to design new collections for 2018. The outcome was a double black veil and veils that cover the entire face. Moschino is one of the brands who have excellent options for this 2018.


  1. Crowns

Silver and gold accessories are already big to wear and by 2018, the designers have expanded, as is the case of Dolce & Gabbana. The crowns need to be giant and have any variety of semiprecious and precious stones. This trend is amazing


  1. Bows
    During the latest fashion shows, Italian designers once again created a romantic princess look and decorated the hairstyles of the models with small bows. This type of hair accessories can improve to design a beautiful look in the best style of the 50’s. So, I cannot understand how some chicks do not like this kind of accessories.



  1. Flowers

This fabulous hair accessory should be in your embellishments collection for 2018. The models on the spring-summer runway 2018 perfectly decorated the hair with The Maine flower crowns. This type of accessories look great on any hair

  1. Caps

I think this is not one of my favorite trends, as I think they should be accepted to go for a walk or play some sports. But 2018 will be a year full of unusual combinations and get a little more risk when it comes to leaving home. Custo Barcelona and Chanel support this trend and have some exciting options.


  1. Turbans
    Turbans should once again become a top-notch trend, thanks to Marc Jacobs and his latest spring-summer 2018 collection. They can be combined with dresses and also with gypsy prints. But some girls wear them every day with any type of clothes and I think it’s a great thing


  1. Punk style
    Previously we had mentioned this trend and its fabulous and exotic accessories. I want to make a special mention to Junya Watanabe once again because she always stands out when it comes to recreating this style. On this occasion, she has presented another sized skewer going through the model’s hairstyle. I think it’s a little complicated to replicate it to do it every day, but it would be great for a party.
  2. Smart clips

They look fabulous in every style of hairstyle; you can additionally use only one or a large number of these clips, that’s why this accessory is included in the list of trends for the 2018 season. You should take a look at the individual clips with Erdem flowers gold and simple Versace clips.


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