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False Nails

Everything You Need to Know to Use False Nails

Every Girl know how hard it is to keep beautiful nails, well-manicured, long nails are hard to maintain when you have to clean the dishes then do the laundry and strike family chores daily. False nails have grown in popularity, as a result of this problem – now great nails are just a manicure kit away. Visit the local pharmacy or beauty shop store, and you’ll find many different false nail kits that already include the fundamental tools.

Before putting the false nails, make certain old nail polish on your fingernails are removed, and your hands are washed thoroughly. Do not apply lotions or oils immediately, the adhesive will not adhere correctly if you did. Give yourself a manicure as you generally would, cutting the nails that are natural to a comfortable length. File the upper edges of the nail bed to make a smoother finish.

Test the False nails to make sure the sizes suit you. Nails shouldn’t be smaller in comparison to your real nails or vice-versa. Apply the fake nails beginning with the thumb of the dominant hand.

Keep close to the cuticle as possible, but never overlap. Any space between the False Nail and the real one could accumulate moisture. Not only want the application be weak, but there is also a possibility of mildew formation in case that occurs. Put adhesive on the thumb and gently distribute, use the false nails and press for about fifteen seconds.

When you are done it, remove any applicators still attached to the False Nails and apply nail polish.You might also wish to try false nails that have nail designs on them or that the ones of different colors.

Avoid getting them wet frequently or soaking them in any liquid for long time periods. Always dry hands thoroughly to prevent deformation in case the bogus and real nails have a gap between them. Avoid doing anything that can bring pressure to your hands. If you feel any loose ends, apply adhesive between the differences with a toothpick as cautiously as you can and press for fifteen seconds.

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