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All you need to know About False Eyelashes

Advantages of false eyelashes

If you don’t have pretty and populated eyelashes, the false eyelashes could be the solution to get a pretty and deep look. More and more women are applying this technique to impress.

They are perfect for all kinds of occasions, but on many occasions, they’re usually perfect to have a sexy and impressive look. If you are looking for impress someone, apply any of the recommend false eyelashes and you can be sure of achieving your goals.

Depending on the type of look you want, you will have to bet on a diversity of eyelashes. The most important thing is to get a natural look and you can barely notice your lashes are false.

In the market, there are many tools that allow you to put the tabs more easily. Normally this technique is not complicated at all, although on the first occasions it may take a bit of work. Once you nailed it, you can see how easy you will put and remove them without any problems. Like everything in this life, is to have a little bit of practice in the beginning.

Another advantage of this type of lashes is you can enjoy wearing the same of it all day long. This is possible because the glue offers great support.

Disadvantages of false eyelashes

They’re a product that will allow you to have a more beautiful look, but it will force you to put on and take them off every day. It’s not recommended to sleep with them on, as they could cause infections or some type of allergy. If you’re one of the girls who doesn’t know how to live without them, you will have to put them on during the day and taking them off at night.

Experts recommend not abused. They don’t recommend using them every day. The glue could end up creating some kind of allergy. If you notice your eyes sting when you put on glue or eyelashes, it’s best to take them off as soon as possible. So you can avoid greater damages. But come on, if you use them occasionally, you will not have any kind of problem, except for allergies.

What eyelashes glue to use?

It’s a product will be very close to your eyes. You always have to bet on buying a suitable and high-quality eyelash glue. In this case, I don’t recommend looking to get cheap glue, is smarter looking for a quality product. A bad glue can damage your eyes and as you know, the eyes once damaged have no solution. You always have to buy it in certified places, which guarantee the glue complies with the rules and will not damage your eyes. I don’t recommend going to the Chinese websites and buy the cheaper glue you found. In this type of business, they have very cheap glues, but in return, no one certifies their quality. I personally prefer to spend a little more money, but be completely assured my eyes will not be damaged. Before putting the glue on your eyes, it’s very important to be completely certain it doesn’t give you an allergy. To see it, I suggest you put a little on your wrist and leave it on for 24 hours. If you don’t notice anything, this means you’re not allergic to the product. If you get pimples or your wrist itches, then you will take care probably you’re allergic to the product. It’s better to try before on the wrist than to have allergy problems in your eyes, which from experience I can tell you they are very unpleasant.

How to put the best false eyelashes step by step

First of all, I recommend washing your hands so you can avoid your lashes can be put with a dirt. Next, you must remove the tabs of the package. It’s very important to see if they have the curvature you are looking for. If you don’t have it, you can turn it back with your fingertips. It’s easy, but remember, you shouldn’t squeeze too much if you don’t want to break them.

Before beginning to put them, it’s important to assure the hairs suit you. If the hairs are longer, you will only cut them a little and give the exact measurement with scissors. If you do this process smoothly, you will have very good results.

When you have your eyelashes ready, it will be time to apply the glue. It must be put on the strip. The strip has to get a good portion of glue, especially in the beginning and the end. This will prevent eyelashes from falling out in the middle of the day. Now you will have to hold them well so they can be set without problems to the eyelid. It’s important to hold them for about 30 seconds so eyelashes get a perfect grip.

For a perfect placement, I recommend starting with the inner part and then going to the sides. If you begin on the side, especially if you don’t have much experience, the probability they don’t fit is quite high.

Once settled, you must blend your eyelashes with the false eyelashes, for a 100% natural effect. You can obtain this by giving a little touch to the eyelashes with your fingers, being careful avoid place them in the eye. The important thing here is not recognizing which are the false eyelashes and the real ones.

To hide the eyelid, the best thing you can do is delineate the eyelid. This will make everything look natural and no one will notice the eyelashes you’re wearing are false.

To finish, I recommend put false eyelashes before starting makeup. This way you can have a clean eye and you will have a much easier placement, especially if you’re a newbie. I personally recommend before, but every woman is a world. You can try to place it after the makeup.

Ardell Natural Professional False Eyelashes

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To begin, we introduce a set of false eyelashes, which have a cheap price and are sold in a pack of 4 pairs of eyelashes.

If you are looking for good false eyelashes, which are natural and especially long at the ends, surely you are interested. They will offer you everything you are looking for in good lashes.

The only con I found to this model, is it does not include the glue to stick them in the eyes. This is a detail all your customers would appreciate.

The eyelashes are really good and they look great once they are put on. But as long as you use a good glue. If you apply a cheap glue, what you will get is that the eyelashes fall off at an unexpected moment. You should invest in this type of product, spotting you also work with the health of your eyes.

As in the pack come 4 pairs, if you have never put them on, you can practice with one pair and the rest use them later. Its price is so low, that you can afford to practice and later use the rest of lashes without problems.

Its effect is very good, it will allow you to have really beautiful lashes and its effect will be 100% natural.


FitTek false eyelashes

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In second place I am going to recommend FitTek brand offers you. They’re very comfortable and will work without problems. They’re so comfortable, you will not even notice that you have them on.

To get a good strength, as in the previous case, you will always have to use a good fixer. It’s very important it’s not threatening and protects your eyes above all else.

If you are looking for a deep look and a pretty face, I can guarantee you can get it without problems. In addition, is high-quality material. His fibers are very flexible. You can place them according to your needs, to have the look you like the most. Also, if they are too long for you, just take the scissors and cut them before putting on.

The pack includes 10 pairs of false eyelashes. If you are looking for something cheap, they will give you what you look for. Some friends of mine, wash them and reused again, although for its price it is not worth reusing them.

I am sure that you will be able to enjoy a more beautiful and deep look with these lashes, which are really very cheap.

False eyelashes Toogoo

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This time I’m about to talk about false eyelashes that have a really cheap price but is perfect to use and throw away.

If you notice the pack includes 10 pairs of tabs, you can see how the price of each pair of tabs will be very inexpensive, hence it is not at all interesting to recycle them.

They come prepared so that it’s very easy to put them over the eyes with a good glue. Due to its low price, it’s common this pack doesn’t include the glue that is needed to obtain a good hold.

The eyelashes, in this case, are very populated. I really like having this alternative, but some women say they have too many hairs and don’t feel comfortable. I recommend buying them since the investment is minimal and then you can see if they really adapt to your tendencies.

The length of each hair is medium size, it’s not the longest you can buy in the market. Even so, it will offer a really beautiful look.

Pixnor false eyelashes

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If you’re looking for a pack of high-quality false eyelashes, then I recommend considering the eyelashes offered by the Pixnor brand.

In this pack you can enjoy 3 pairs of false eyelashes, 2 pcs eyelashes with pinch clicks. They will help you to put on your eyelashes. It’s a really impressive pack. It will allow you to always wear high-quality lashes.

The hair of the eyelashes is black, they are quite long so the woman who wears them can have a deep and beautiful look. They have been manufactured with derivative fibers, to achieve great strength and durability. The hairs will not bother you at the time of seeing and if they seem too long, you can cut them in a simple way with a pair of scissors.

The tweezers seem really interesting to me. They will help you adjust or repair the eyelashes, although they are a good tool to remove them from the eyes at the end of the day.

The tweezers have been manufactured in stainless steel. This will allow you to have it for a long time. If you still don’t have it in your hold, it’s probably exciting to buy this pack. They will really make your life a lot easier.