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Do you use conditioner after each shower? We give you 8 reasons to do it:

Goodbye weakened tips, hello to super hair

According to María Baras, Pantene expert, “in case you do not include conditioner in your haircare routine; your hair tips can be weakened when you try to unraveling, your hair shine will reduce, and almost you suffer dryness and frizzy hair.”

A conditioner is most recognized for facilitating the unraveling and give softness to your hair, but the truth is the conditioner have other excellent advantages “, the reality is these products act at a deeper level on the scalp, protecting the hair fiber from the inside and strengthening for possible external damages. If we realize our hair loses capillary density after the 35 years of age and the diameter of each hair is reduced since the 30’s (which means less volume), it is important to protect the hair fiber in all the ways you could.

Neither greases your hair or removes volume

If you have a feeling of having matted hair after apply conditioner it is because you are making one of these mistakes (or both): either you wouldn’t choose the right product for your hair type or you applied too much (this will depend on the length of your hair and if it is thick or thin) but the normal amount goes from a tangerine for longer and thicker hair to an almond for short and thin ones).

“For example, fine hair or with a tendency to grease, you will have to apply a small amount from middle to the tips of your hair for strengthening them. But you should never give up to apply.

Reduce frizz after each Shower

Definitely, the frequency of applying a conditioner should be the same as the shampoo that means applying everytime you wash your hair, even if you washed every day. This step is important to keep hair hydrated, prevents breakage, and reduces frizz.

Provides high brightness

The brightness of your hair depends on the conditioner. Experts say they also recommend enhancing this effect by rinsing the hair with warm water. 74% of women in the USA says it is true that rinse your hair with cold water brings more shine. But this is wrong, is only a myth. Rinse your hair with warm water gives a high shine.

Conditioner cause acne on your back?

If you suffer acne-prone skin, conditioner can cause the form of pimples on your back. This was stated by the dermatologist of Kendall Jenner, which says the oils of the conditioners can interact with the skin, adhere to it and, therefore, clog the pore.

However, although it is a reality also verified by other experts, there is an infallible hack to benefit from all the wellness of the conditioner without sacrifice your skin. Which? Washing your hair, conditioning it, apply it gently (these products are formulated for quick hydration) and picking your hair up on top of your crown until wash your body to prevent conditioner from falling on the skin.

Conditioner before or after shampoo

Well, even though our common sense leads us to use the conditioner after shampoo, there is a new hype that recommends applying conditioner before shampoo to provide more volume, also helps the application of the shampoo and the absorption in the hair fiber.

This trend It was started by journalist Alison Freer, author of, following an advice made by one of her readers. The result? According to her own account, she has super fine hair, and she managed to get the same hydrated hair with a full sensation of lightness. True or false? Well, it is a matter of preferences in which experts do not come to an agreement. Maybe you just have to try it.

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