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Style Makeover Tips


The Main Reason to Take Care of your Cheeks With Good Makeup Products

If you wish to add more definition to your cheeks, contouring is an excellent method to use before applying your blush. It might also be used to create broader and skinnier faces. The trick to choosing where to shape is to slide a finger on the cheek and manage to find your cheekbone. Put your finger on your cheekbone. If you’re having trouble locating your cheekbone, create a fish face and try again.

Picking Up The Right Blush Contouring

As you may well know, celebrities seem completely different than how we use to see them on social media or TV. If you have ever seen a celebrity without makeup, you will know it is about makeup hacks and corrections which make them look more appealing. The idea is simple! It about creates contrast by highlighting and contouring. You’d like to highlight with a brighter color the elements of the face that you would love to bring out and use a darker color on the parts which you want to hide down.

You may need your base, one with two darker colors, one with two lighter shades, powder, a moist face sponge and a brush. The key is to get the proper skin tone mix to apply base that’s one shade lighter than the skin tone on the center of your face, and another one which
is a shade darker than your average skin tone around the outline of your face. Using a proper base brush, just blend the two different creams gently. Make sure the transition from the center to the outside of your face is delicate and subtly, remember that is
what’s going to make the illusion of depth and dimension.

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