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Bath & Shower

The chances of you’re a morning person or a night guy that rush into your shower because you’re each running late or you’re too exhausted. So, weekends night when you’re in for the evening, apply these tips and hacks into your shower routine to maximize your experience. Because face it, life is very short to be stressed out through bath time.

Bright them Up!

Candles that is. In case you’re showering or stepping into a tub, candles give the mood for relaxation. Light as many as you want but hold to one scent, aroma overload is not a good idea.

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No matter you have a cold or you just want to place the mood for relaxation, some drops of eucalyptus can do miracles. Hang a few drops in your tub away from the water flow. The temperature and vapor from your shower will blend with the essential oils. The benefit: instantaneous aromatherapy and it’ll improve clear your sinuses if you have a cold or are experiencing a headache.

Power Detox With Herbs

Next time you take a shower, bring some tea bags with you. Soak 7-12 bag of green tea in your water to recover balance to your skin. A green tea soak plus has anti-aging advantages and it will also help your skin battle free radicals. Of course, you will also enjoy a cup of green tea while you soak!

Some People Like It Burn

These burning hot showers you enjoy so much are unshelled your skin of the natural oils and dehydrating your skin. Opt for a mild bath or a quick shower. Think: higher than 65 degrees but less than 82. To upgrade your shower activity, invest in a sturdy showerhead with a rain-head spout.

Softer Skin

Top models and celebrities should be dry brushing for years. The Hype is also an age-old tradition discovered in Korean bathhouses. The aftershower lotions designed to exfoliate and caress the skin while also decreasing the look of cellulite. Yeah— you could soak your way to smoother, more supple skin.

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